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Every product from the list of the best wooden clarinet is available at the marketplace. We like this website because it is has a very convenient and user-friendly interface. You can compare the best wooden clarinet and read reviews from their actual users.

Purchasing of the best wooden clarinet is not the easiest task. There are hundreds of various models on the current market. If you do not know much about them, you will have to waste a lot of time choosing the best wooden clarinet possible. We decided to help you and made a list of the TOP best wooden clarinet (as well as the extended TOP-30 list) that should meet most of your needs.

Our Pick: Top 3 Wooden Clarinet of 2018

Name and Features Image Rating Details
1. Kaizer Clarinet
Leatherette pads optimizes intonation control, steel springs delivers smooth, responsive action and maximizes playability, disassembles quickly and easily.
Kaizer Clarinet
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2. Lazarro 150-bk-l B-flat Bb Clarinet
Lessons, concerts, bands and orchestras.
Lazarro 150-bk-l B-flat Bb Clarinet
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3. Yamaha Ycl-450nm Duet+ Intermediate Clarinet (Excellent Warranty Policies)
Featuring a bell shape and barrel design similar to that of the v series, the ycl-450nm offers a surprisingly ‘professional’ sound with an easy response.
Yamaha Ycl-450nm Duet+ Intermediate Clarinet
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№ 1. Kaizer Clarinet B Flat Bb Ebony Black Cle-1000eb

Leatherette pads optimizes intonation control, steel springs delivers smooth, responsive action and maximizes playability, disassembles quickly and easily. Features adjustable thumb rest, undercut tone holes, nickel plated keys. If the instrument ever fails due to manufacturing defects, for as long as you own the instrument and have proof of purchase, we’ll provide you with parts for free. If you don’t like it, send it back and receive a full refund. Includes molded case, complete mouthpiece and ligature, cleaning cloth, cork joint lubricant, screw driver, clarinet stand.


Includes molded case
Features adjustable thumb rest
Lifetime no-hassle warranty
45 day free trial
Leatherette pads optimizes intonation control
It does not have cons at all.

What should I look at in the first place when buying a wooden clarinet?

Material is among the most significant factors of any wooden clarinet. Good wooden clarinet are made from long-lasting and cleanable materials. If you want to buy a product that will serve you for years, do not be greedy and buy an expensive model from a reliable brand — only the best materials are used in such products.


№ 2. Lazarro 150-bk-l B-flat Bb Clarinet Black, Silver Keys with Case, 11 Reeds, Care Kit and Many Extras

“lazarro” clarinets are manufactured by international standards, regardless of the colors and keys, and feature the same sound quality, mechanisms and durability. Our package includes: lazarro clarinet, second barrel, mouthpiece with reed, cap and ligature, fabric case, soft cleaning cloth, reeds holder, white gloves, screwdriver and cork grease. Our “lazarro” clarinets are perfect for any occasions: lessons, concerts, bands and orchestras.


Our package includes
“lazarro” clarinets are manufactured by international standards
Our “lazarro” clarinets are perfect
We are a USA br
It cannot be disassembled.

Whether the lifetime warranty for a wooden clarinet is useful?

Wooden Clarinet manufacturers offer all kinds of guarantee plans for any taste. The cheapest models usually come without any warranty. Decent wooden clarinet with the average price have a one-year or two-year long protection. Finally, the most expensive products are offered with the lifetime warranty. We believe that the five-year warranty is more than enough for any wooden clarinet. You can consider buying good wooden clarinet with a lifetime warranty, but such models are usually overpriced.



Ycl-450nm duet+ intermediate clarinet. The abs resin injection-molded upper joint inner bore significantly diminishes the likelihood of cracking. Patented duet+ technology provides the added benefit of durability to this clarinet. Featuring a bell shape and barrel design similar to that of the v series, the ycl-450nm offers a surprisingly ‘professional’ sound with an easy response. The new bell design gives improved intonation and projection, especially in the all-important lower register, while the new barrel enhances the 450’s response, flexibility and tonal focus.


Featuring a bell shape
The new bell design gives improved intonation
Ycl-450nm duet+ intermediate clarinet
Patented duet+ technology provides
Special equipment is required in order to use it.
It is difficult to use in winter.

What happens if I get a wrong item instead of the chosen wooden clarinet?

You should not worry about it because marketplace has a customer support team that will help you to make a refund or replace the wrong item with the wooden clarinet you ordered. In case you get a wrong product, contact the support and describe your problem. You will not have to wait for a long time — support team works very fast.

How to receive a refund for a wooden clarinet?

Marketplace offers have a customer-friendly return policy. It allows buyers to return most of the products, including wooden clarinet. If there are any problems with your wooden clarinet, contact the customer support team of the marketplace and describe your situation. Nevertheless, we recommend you carefully read the description of a wooden clarinet before buying it.

What is the optimal warranty period for wooden clarinet?

Based on our experience, we think that a decent wooden clarinet should have at least a two-year warranty. There are many expensive models that come with longer periods, but we do not think that it is necessary. Sometimes it is better to buy a new product instead of overpaying for a long warranty and repairing the old wooden clarinet.

How expensive a new wooden clarinet should be?

Keep in mind that the best wooden clarinet will work for a long time. If you are going to use it on the daily basis, it is for your own good to buy a decent product. We strongly advise you against being very greedy. Buy the best wooden clarinet that you can afford if you want to enjoy it.

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