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Best Mini 3d Printer
Our rating list of TOP best mini 3d printer is based on the most important factors. We took into account such things as the price, build quality, materials, average user score, and many other characteristics of every mini 3d printer from the list. Nevertheless, we recommend you to make your own research to make sure that you will buy the most suitable product for you.

We are offering you the TOP list of the best mini 3d printer, available on the current market. Keep in mind that you can find every product from the list of the best mini 3d printer at the marketplace.

These Are The Top 4 Mini 3d Printer of 2018

Name and Features Image Rating Details
1. Monoprice 113860 Maker Select 3d Printer (Editor’s Choice)
Live chat at monoprice.
Monoprice 113860 Maker Select 3d Printer
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2. Mini 3d Printer
Featuring a small size but with 3.9″x5.3″x4.7″ build area, this ant mini 3d printer is compact enough for any desk.
Mini 3d Printer
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3. 3D Pen Set
Kids is in safe, feel like holding regular pen.
3D Pen Set
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4. Up Mini 2 3d Printer
Performance the up mini 2 comes with a heated print bed and adjustable extruder temperature that makes using 1.75mm abs, pla, petg and other filaments possible and reliable.
Up Mini 2 3d Printer
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№ 1. Monoprice 113860 Maker Select 3d Printer V2 with Large Heated 8 X 8 X 7 Build Plate, Ready to Print, Sample Pla Filament, 4gb Microsd Card Preloaded with Printable 3d Models.

Large volume: the large 8 x 8 inches build plate and generous 7 inches vertical spacing means that you can print larger, more complex models. Note: ensure that the nozzle temperature is set to the correct value for the type of material being printed. Micro sd card slot: use a micro sd card to store sliced g code files, then plug the card into the micro sd card slot to print without the need to connect to a windows or mac pc. Includes heated build plate.2 gb micro sd card and sample pla filament. Compatible softwares: such as cure, repeater, or simplify 3d, the maker select is compatible with windows, mac os x, and linux.

Check that the gcode file is complete and not corrupted. Heated build plate: the heated build plate allows you to print slower cooling materials, such as abs and modified abs, as well as pla and pla blends. Quality assurance/technical assistance: live chat at monoprice. Com mon through fri 6am 6pm pst, email at tech monoprice. Com, phone at 877-271-2592 mon through fri 6am 5pm pst.


The good
Includes heated build plate.2 gb micro sd card
Micro sd card slot
Quality assurance/technical assistance
Large volume
The bad
It is impossible to find any flaws in this product.


№ 2. Mini 3d Printer, 3.9×5.3×4.7 Build Volume Desktop 3d Printer with Fully Metal Body, Usb and Flash Drive Connectivity, Includes Sd Card, Sample Filaments with Tools, Only Works with Pla 1.75mm

Usb & flash drive connectivity: this desktop 3d printer can support print directly from computer, but this requires the computer to be tethered on during the printing process. This 3d printer comes with a sd card and card reader, flash drive connectivity makes easy 3d printing throughout your home, office, or classroom. This 3d printer is compatible with cura software, and software package and instructions have been included in the sd card. Note: please read instructions in sd card before use. Ready to print & easy to operate: this 3d printer comes assembled and has been calibrated at the factory. This mini 3d printer also arrives with 2.6oz / 75g sample pla filaments and a sd card with instructions & models. All you have to do is perform a quick check to verify that the print bed is still leveled, in case it shifted during shipping, then install the filament rack and load some filaments, insert the sd card, and your printing is ready to start.

Small size & big features: featuring a small size but with 3.9″x5.3″x4.7″ build area, this ant mini 3d printer is compact enough for any desk. As a low-maintenance 3d printer, this desktop fdm printer is your best choice to lay down successive layers of pla to build up printed 3d models. This ant mini 3d printer is intended for home users, schools, as well as businesses and institutions looking for a 3d printer for prototyping and production. Take this fashion printer to create your own designs. Stable & precision print quality: the ball liner motion guides ensure the positioning accuracy and the stout sheet steel case enables the stability. Nozzle assembly designed with efficient cooling for better performance, and one more nozzle is included for replacement. The 2 ball screws for z motion are driven by 1 motor ensures no lost-steps will happen during transmission. Featured with quiet operation & good print quality, this desktop 3d printer is proper to use in a wide range of occasions. Designed 1.8″.1.2″ color touch screen with simple directions makes for easy operation. Comes with complete maintenance kit makes easy to clean and get perfect prints every time, while the easy-feeding filament system and easy-to-install filament rack save you time on getting your project started.


The good
Stable & precision print quality
Usb & flash drive connectivity
Only works with pla 1.75mm
Small size & big features
Ready to print & easy to operate
The bad
Handles may break if you push them too hard.


№ 3. 3D Pen Set with 330 Feet Pcl Pla Filament Refills Quality Toy for Kids Teens Adults, Doodler Kit for Girls Boys Creative Arts and Crafts Black

, usb cable and power adapter included: take portable 3d pen kits anywhere – enjoy drawing any time. , single button control: 3d pen for kids is perfect present for left-handers and right-handers. Let`s try cool 3d pen for beginner and advanced levels. 3d pen is not hot to touch and ultralight weight: kids is in safe, feel like holding regular pen. , 3d pen best choice`18: 3d pen set with 20 packs of filament loved by children and adults.


The good
3d pen is not hot
Still drawing on paper
The bad
Not suitable for long work.

How to receive a refund for a mini 3d printer?

Do not be sad if the chosen mini 3d printer did not suit you. Instead, contact the support team and ask for a refund. The seller will send you a replacement or return the money. Thanks to the customer-friendly policy of the marketplace, you should not have any problems. However, always check the description and user reviews of a mini 3d printer before buying it if you do not want to waste your time on refunds.


№ 4. Up Mini 2 3d Printer with Filament Station, Wifi, Blackout Recovery

Safety perfect 3d printer for the education market. Built-in hepa air filtration reducing 3d printing air emissions providing a healthy and safe 3d printing environment. It is fully enclosed with automatic shut down if the door is opened during a print job. This will keep curious hands away from heated elements and moving parts. Build size the build volume of the up mini 2 is 120 x 120 x 120 mm, (4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″) which is perfect for small to medium size print jobs. The printer comes with both front and back door access. Fully automatic nozzle height detection and software assisted leveling makes for easier startup. Ease of use the up mini 2 3d printer ships fully assembled and ready for use. Everything you need to get started is included in the box. Install the up studio software and you are ready to start printing. It’s perfect for educators, hobbyists, and engineers who want to start 3d printing out-of-the-box and hassle free.

Connectivity connect the up mini 2 to your computer via usb or access each remotely via wi-fi for un-tethered printing. Control multiple printers with one computer. Performance the up mini 2 comes with a heated print bed and adjustable extruder temperature that makes using 1.75mm abs, pla, petg and other filaments possible and reliable. A removable perf board print bed cover promotes reliable first layer adhesion. The mini 2 has the capability to print in 0.15mm layers. Touch screen control provides a better 3d printing user experience.


The good
Safety perfect 3d printer
Connectivity connect
Performance the up mini 2 comes
Build size the build volume
The bad
The price tag is too high.
It is too easy to scratch.

How exactly did you come up with this list of the best mini 3d printer?

Our team compared many products from various brands to find the TOP of the best mini 3d printer. It was hard because new mini 3d printer are released every year. However, we have managed to do this and made the TOP list, based on such factors as the price, materials, weight, and other details.

How expensive a new mini 3d printer should be?

Decent mini 3d printer are rarely cheap. Remember, that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. A good mini 3d printer will serve you a lot of time and it is better to not save money on it. Spend more, but get the best mini 3d printer to enjoy your purchase and have no regrets afterwards.

What is the determining factor that I should consider when choosing the best mini 3d printer?

People who are buying the very first mini 3d printer in their life and do not have enough experience should carefully read user reviews. Many buyers from marketplace leave their impressions about various products, including mini 3d printer. Thanks to the reviews, you will be able to see all the nuances of any mini 3d printer on the marketplace and find a mini 3d printer with the best materials and price.

Is not buying mini 3d printer online very dangerous?

Buying mini 3d printer is 100% safe. You are completely wrong if you think that it may be dangerous. There are zero risks in buying mini 3d printer online because you can always get a refund from the customer support service. If you still have doubts, check the reputation of a seller to be sure that your mini 3d printer will be delivered to you without any trouble.

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