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Best Ge Hdmi Cable
Those who were looking for the best ge hdmi cable have come to the right place. This website offers you the TOP list of the very best ge hdmi cable. Use it if you want to get the best value out of your purchase.

Our team conducted a thorough research and compared dozens of models in order to find the very best ge hdmi cable on the market. Read our work below to choose the right ge hdmi cable out of our TOP selection.

These Are The 4 Best Ge Hdmi Cable of 2018

Name and Features Image Rating Details
1. Ge Pro Hdmi Cable
Supports massive 4k x 2k resolution hdtvs, smart tvs, advanced projectors, gaming devices and more.
Ge Pro Hdmi Cable
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2. Hdmi Cable
Hdmi 2.0 connection).
Hdmi Cable
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3. Ge 3 Ft. Hdmi Cable
Supports ethernet, 3d, 4k video and audio return channel (arc).
Ge 3 Ft. Hdmi Cable
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4. Pwr+ Extra Long 12 Ft Micro-hdmi-cable (DIY Crafters’ Choice)
Support audio return channel (arc), hdmi ethernet channel (hec), 48 bit deep color, 32 channel audio, hdcp, dolby true hd 7.1 audio, and 3d video.
Pwr+ Extra Long 12 Ft Micro-hdmi-cable
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№ 1. Ge Pro Hdmi Cable with Ethernet, 6 Ft., Full 1080p 4k Ultra Hd 3d Compatible, Premium Gold Plated, for Hdtvs, Smart Tvs, Streaming Devices, Dvd Blu-ray Players, Game Consoles, Cable Boxes and Dvrs, 33522

Premium hdmi cable with ethernet supporting two-way communication – high-speed 10.2 gbps+. Simple plug and play design compatible with all hdmi-equipped devices – supports massive 4k x 2k resolution hdtvs, smart tvs, advanced projectors, gaming devices and more. Full 1080p/4k ultra hd and 3d compatible. Dolby truehd and dts-hd master audio – lossless 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound.


Simple plug
Premium gold-plated connectors
Dolby truehd
Full 1080p/4k ultra hd
Surprisingly, I failed to find any issues.

Is buying ge hdmi cable online risky?

Hundreds of people from all over the glove shopping online every day. It is completely safe thanks to the customer protection programs and credit card security measures. You are not risking anything by buying a ge hdmi cable on marketplace — if anything bad happens with your product, you will be able to return it and get a refund. There is no reasons to worry: online shopping is a safe, easy, fast, and cheap method of buying ge hdmi cable.


№ 2. Hdmi Cable 10 Ft (4k Uhd Hdmi 2.0 Ready), Braided Cord, Ultra High Speed 18gbps, Gold Plated Connectors, Ethernet and Audio Return, Video 4k 2160p Hd 1080p 3d, Xbox Playstation Ps3 Ps4 Pc Apple Tv

Ethernet & audio return channel – eliminate all network & audio cables between devices. Length: 10 feet (3 meters) – free lifetime replacement guarantee. High speed – category 2 – hdmi cable (compatible with hdmi ports v2.0, v1.4 & v1.3). Supports: 3d, hd 2k 1080p, qhd 1440p, uhd 4k 2160p (up to 60 hz over hdmi 2.0 – hdmi 2.0 connection). Supports hdmi 2.0 ports (4k 60hz.18 gbps.28 awg) – connect 4k/hd tv to blu-ray/dvd player, xbox, play station, pc, and other hdmi devices.


Ethernet & audio return channel
Supports hdmi 2.0 ports
It cannot be disassembled.


№ 3. Ge 3 Ft. Hdmi Cable W Ethernet, Black, 34205

Cable allows you to share an internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate ethernet cable. Connects blu-ray players, apple tv, ps4, ps3, xbox one, xbox 360, computers and other hdmi-enabled devices to tvs, displays, a/v receivers and more. Meets hdmi 1.4 specification (48 bit/px color depth). Hdmi a male to a male cable: supports ethernet.3d.4k video and audio return channel (arc).


Connects blu-ray players
Hdmi a male
Cable allows you
Meets hdmi 1.4 specification
It is too expensive for what you get.


№ 4. Pwr+ Extra Long 12 Ft Micro-hdmi-cable for Gopro-hero3 Hero4 Hero5 Hero3+, Sjcam Sj4000 Sj5000, Sony Alpha A6000 A6500 Nikon, Samsung Camera Camcorder 4k Uhd 1080p-hdtv-cord High-speed, Audio Return

Specs: micro-hdmi to hdmi cable – extra long 12 feet – for use with laptop, smartphone, camcorder, camera or tablet. Fully compliant with the latest hdmi standard, this micro hdmi to hdmi cable is capable of carrying the increased bandwidth of hdmi 2.0 at 18 gbps. Compatibility: gopro hero3 chdhe-302, chdhn-302, chdhx-302, hero4 chdbx-401, chdby-401, chdhx-401, chdhy-401, chdsx-401, chdsy-401, hero5 chdhx-501, lightdow ld4000, apeman action camera fhd 1080p wifi, sjcam sj4000 sj5000, canon eos m5 powershot elph 360.340 hs, g1x mark ii, g5x, g7x, g7x mark ii, g9 x, n100, sx600, sx610, sx620, sx700, sx710, sx720 hs, nikon coolpix l620, l820, l830, l840, p330, s6500, s6800, samsung hmx-f90, sony alpha 7.7 ii.7r.7r ii.7s, a58, a7r, a7s, a5000 a5100 a6000. 30 days money back guarantee – 24 months – exchange – phone service is available (hint: always check sellers location info to guarantee warranty claims after 30 days). About pwr+: headquartered in woodinville wa, powering millions of laptops, tablets and electronic gadgets and a go-to brand for premium replacement chargers and accessories since 2007. Pwr+ chargers and cords manufactured with the highest quality materials and include multiple smart features safeguarding against iv – incorrect voltage, sc – short circuit, io – internal overheating.

Features: support audio return channel (arc), hdmi ethernet channel (hec).48 bit deep color.32 channel audio, hdcp, dolby true hd 7.1 audio, and 3d video. Support resolutions up to 4kx2k (uhd) including 4096×2160.3840×2160.2560×1600.2560×1440.1920×1200, and 1080p.


Money back guarantee
You will not be able to use it on the daily basis.
Works great, but it is too big for a small apartment.

How much money do I need to waste on a new ge hdmi cable?

Keep in mind that the best ge hdmi cable will work for a long time. If you are going to use it on the daily basis, it is for your own good to buy a decent product. We strongly advise you against being very greedy. Buy the best ge hdmi cable that you can afford if you want to enjoy it.

What to check before buying a new ge hdmi cable?

Before making a purchase, you can use marketplace to find out everything you want to know about any specific ge hdmi cable. We like this marketplace for a good reason: this website has a great interface and a “Compare” feature, which makes the process of finding the best ge hdmi cable a lot easier. Do not forget about user reviews: read them to understand whether the chosen ge hdmi cable is suitable for you.

Is getting a ge hdmi cable online safe?

Why should the online purchase of ge hdmi cable be dangerous? Even if you receive a wrong or broken product, you will be able to get a refund or a replacement. Sometimes online shipping is even safer since your money are protected by the marketplace.

What factors did you consider to make the list of the best ge hdmi cable?

Our team took so many factors into account that it is would be impossible to describe every detail. Rest assured we considered every important factor. Cost, housing material, average user score, and many other specifications of each ge hdmi cable were used to make the TOP list of the best products. We did everything possible to help you choose the best ge hdmi cable!

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